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Open Health Tools (OHT) is often a US-primarily based non-financial gain Firm dedicated to strengthening the health of folks by means of the appliance of scientific reasoning. The initiative brings with each other members of rhe Health care, IT, nutritional supplement, fitness, and biotechnology sectors and permits them to together deliver in-depth, up-to-date, remarkably-accurate and insightful tips on health and fitness and Physical fitness optimization.

Open Health Tools focuses on professional, Skilled-good quality bio-hacking supplements which enrich particular facets of overall health and overall performance. Particularly, Open Health Tools focuses on a confined subgroup of organic general performance-enhancing health supplements, specifically: joint wellness supplements, nootropics, prebiotics, and multivitamins.

For each group, Open Health Tools publishes in-depth complement consumer's guides, in-depth component analyses, and person product evaluations.

The majority of the Focus on Open Health Tools is published and edited jointly by J. Theorin OHT and J. Rissanen. Concerning them, these two dedicated bio-hackers have many years of knowledge with natural dietary supplements, sporting activities science, and physiotherapy. They are really both equally educated, skilled scientific researchers committed to furthering their industry and also to spreading the information that biotechnology can enhance human health and overall performance in Open Health Tools methods hitherto unimagineable.

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